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The VCCI Trade and Service One Member Limited Company (popularly known as TSC) was founded in 1988 and wholly owned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam (VCCI). The main purpose of TSC is to support the Chamber in its endeavors to bring foreign businesses together with its members in Vietnam.

Founded in 1963, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) is an independent and Non-Governmental organization serving the needs and representing the interests of business community in Vietnam. VCCI is member of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Confederation of Asia- Pacific Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI), ASEAN Chambers of commerce and Industry (ASEAN CCI), Asia-Pacific Co-operation Commission (APECC).

With members throughout the country, including all the largest Vietnamese business groups, business associations and corporations as well as many foreign companies and business associations in Vietnam and branch offices located strategically inside Vietnam and World-wide, the Chamber and the VCCI Trade and Service One Member Limited Company (TSC) offer unparalleled access to the Country's business.

Training and Manpower supply is the main business field of TSC. Since the beginning, TSC has decided to focus on manpower supply business as the key to the success of the company. Manpower supply is also the most successful field of TSC’s business with more than 10,420 laborers working overseas in various professions to markets such as Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Cyprus, Russia, Thailand, Kuwait, Libya, Lebanon, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Taiwan and some African countries.

Generally, the labor export market in Vietnam is considered as a young market when compared to other countries like Thailand, China and India, since they have had this kind of business for such a long time. Therefore, there are still a lot of problems which many Vietnamese companies operating in this business field are facing. The three most common problems are lack of capacity to meet customers’ high demands, lack of experience and knowledge about foreign markets and labor’s quality.

TSC, as the Vietnamese leading enterprise in manpower supply business, have managed to overcome these issues. The company has training centers located in different provinces in Vietnam; all have been built recently and are equipped with modern facilities and technology. In order to train highly qualified workers to timely fulfill the requirements of its foreign partners, TSC always pays special attention to labor training through its innovative and effective job training programs, language and culture courses before departure. As the result, most laborers when complete their training courses can go to work immediately.

Currently, TSC is offering many training programs in different types of job such as engineering, IT, machinery, etc. This variety of available programs enables both laborers and foreign employers to have more choices for themselves.

Over the years, TSC received a lot of praises from foreign partners for its fast response to requests as well as its highly qualified laborers. Among Vietnamese companies doing business in field, TSC has the lowest number of laborers who either break their contracts or are fired.

With a strong network of international representative offices located in different countries such as Malaysia, Cyprus, Qatar, Taiwan, Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc. laborers and foreign employers could ask for help and support whenever they need quickly and conveniently.

Not only offering laborers the best training programs and conditions, TSC also tries to ensure that they have a good working and living conditions overseas. Leaders of the company often visit, listen and encourage their laborers working abroad and help them overcome difficulties of living in a foreign country.

Moreover, TSC is also the first Vietnamese company in this field to implement its policy to assist poor people and students by providing bank loans and guarantees so that they can have a chance to study and work overseas.

Achievement in labor Export: Annually, the Company sends thousands of laborers to work oversea; from 2000 until now, the Company has sent 7.520 laborers abroad.

At present, TSC is planning to further expand and develop its market. The Chairman and Director of the company has accompanied the President and Prime Minister of Vietnam to many visits to Middle East and European countries to explore new business opportunities and meet potential partners.

TSC Branches

TSC has branches that located in the three different regions in Vietnam.

  • TSC Branch in Hai Phong
  • TSC Branch in Da Nang
  • TSC Branch in Ho Chi Minh city
  • And Specially, TSC Branch in Nghe An – the only branch that authorized to train, recruit and transfer the provision of labors and experts (labor export labor activities) for domestic and international markets and other TSC’s business fields.

TSC's Functional centers


  • Recruitment and Provision of labours and experts for domestic and international markets.
  • Short-term professional training Courses in Vietnam and abroad.

TSC pays special attention to labor training in order to satisfy the increasing demands for qualified laborers of domestic market as well as international market.

At present, TSC is offering the following training programs and courses:

  1. Language training and orientated education
  2. Construction labor training
  3. Industrial and fashion sewing training
  4. Electronics
  5. Information technology
  6. Mechanics and manufacturing
  7. House worker training
  8. Nurse training
  9. Skill enhancement training in cooperation with large universities to supplement specialized knowledge and foreign languages to high skill technical laborers.

All students, once finish their training courses at the Centre, can have good working and language skills as well as sufficient knowledge about the regulations, customs and practices of the country where they are going to work in. As the result, the quality of TSC’s laborers working overseas have been praised by foreign partners and the rate of contract breaks is also the lowest among Vietnamese companies operating in the same field.


  • Identification of potential business opportunities and business partners; contract negotiations.
  • Information on legal and investment policy of Vietnam.
  • Market surveys.
  • Pre -feasibility studies, feasibility studies, applications for Investment
  • License and License for opening of representative offices and branches of foreign economic organizations in Vietnam.
  • Dispute the resolution and legal representation.
  • Exhibition, trade fairs, Seminars, Advertisements in Vietnam and abroad.


  • Meetings with Business & Government Agencies
  • Domestic and International Traveling Services.
  • Provide professional Interpreters/ Guides.
  • Visa sponsorship.
  • Coordination of visit logistic.


  • As the first authorized representative of Vietnam airlines TSC Agent can provide you professional and effective services for International and Domestic air ticketing and reservation.


Exporter of handicrafts & house hold goods.

  • Customs Brokerage

6. International educational consultancy centre

TSC is very proud of its educational services. With experienced and professional staff, TSC's objective is to promote programs of internationally known educational organizations to Vietnamese students.

Our services are:


We provide free educational counseling services for our Vietnamese students. Before applying for any courses, students will be arranged to meet up with our Educational counseling team. The aim of this meeting is to find out the background, the English or French level, as well as the ambition of the students in studying abroad. Once we have enough information about students, our staff will advise students with the courses, which are most suitable with their qualifications.



In the course of completing the application, students have to have all Vietnamese documents as Academic transcripts, family financial status and parents’ job certifications and other related documents need translating into English or French. At TSC students will receive fully help for this procedure and they only need to pay some certain fees, which are stipulated by Vietnamese authority. Besides those activities, we also conduct preparatory courses for students who are waiting for visa approval to help them prepare their responses before sitting for an interview in order to get the best result and know more about the country where they are going to study.

To promote overseas educational and training programs, we regularly organize educational seminars and join international fairs in many provinces in Vietnam and run marketing activities. These activities help students and their parents meet representatives from universities and colleges and learn about their programs, courses, accommodation policies and cultural activities etc through both these events and mass media.


  • Famous and reliable company in Vietnamese market and many other countries
  • Strong support and assistance from the Vietnamese Government
  • Young talented, well trained, dedicated, professional staff with fluent communication skills in many languages
  • Strong commitment for trust, quality, efficiency
  • Strong respect for clients’ interest
  • Strong capability to assist our clients and partners to carry out their business programs in Vietnam
  • Business diversity
  • Big financial capacity
  • Operating many attractive and high feasibility projects
  • Perfect service strategies for clients’ needs and demands

Nguyen Van Loi

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